Clos19 ‘The Art of Hosting’ Launch

To formally launch LVMH's champagne, wine and spirits e-commerce platform Clos19, BOUM were asked to produce one of three dinners that saluted the 'art of hosting'.

To create a dinner for rapper Tinie Tempah and his friends, we were invited into his house to create and design a feast that fit his style. All elements were considered — including Tinie's love for African animals, which was reflected in our sourcing of artefacts and objects from around East London's galleries and vintage furniture stores.

His lounge room became a dining setting for 30 guests, in which we built a gold feature wall to backdrop the room and installed a pink neon artwork. The tables were dressed with white and black marble references, offset with brass touches.

We enlisted the rebelliously inventive Tom Sellers to curate the food for the evening, which was co-hosted by Clos19's Stephanie Watine Arnault. Guests happily toasted with paired vintage Dom Pérignon, Argentinian Malbec Cheval des Andes 2012, and Hennessy XO. As you would.
Table and interiors for the Clos19 dinner with Tinie Tempah, Dom Perignon and Tom Sellers celebrating the Art of Hosting. Hackney, London