GUE$$ x A$AP Rocky

To launch the 90s-inspired capsule collection, the Selfridges car park felt immediately fitting. BOUM converted it into a decade-appropriate house party, reconstructing different rooms of a typical suburban home as well as most kids' second home — a video arcade.

Seriously inspired by interiors seen in American Sitcoms like 'Roseanne' to every tacky degree, the space had pine-clad walls plastered with band posters and teen heart-throbs, old carpet and fittings, roller blades, boogie boards, not even a lava lamp was left unplugged.

Guests rushed in to the garage to drink patron, kicked it in the lounge room to play Nintendo, and hit the arcade to win GUESS prizes. A$AP Mob's creative collective AWGE played tunes and performed, and A$AP Rocky was there doing all of the above with fans.
A 90’s house party re-created for the London VIP launch with A$AP Rocky, GUESS and Selfridges. Selfridges Car Park, London