Maison Margiela MM6
Spring / Summer 17

Directly contrasting the DIY nature and unschooled spirit of the label, BOUM sought to scout a location of convention and ritual. Inside the former Christies Auction House on Bond Street, a new format of interactive presentation was created.

The event, spanning two hours, provided an unrepeated experience for each new group of attendees. Artists from the MM6 circle transformed the set over the course, painting over the blank canvas city-scape backdrop, which was designed by Derek Hardie Martin.

Pieces from the collection, too, we not off limits for the artists — with a rare selection of one-off items available for purchase shortly after the show.

The event marks the beginning of our collaboration with Maison Margiela. It establishes a narrative of exhibiting behind-the-scenes junctures, celebrating the label's fascination with instinct and human touch.
Event production for the SS17 fashion presentation. Christies, London